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The 8 sign-up offers available in the Tar Heel State

With online sports betting officially going live in the Tar Heel State on March 11, eight operators are now available in North Carolina. Take a look at the varied offers from the best sportsbooks in the country in the subsections below. There’s everything from bet insurance offers to bet and gets that pay out each day.

With the NBA season heating up and the state’s premier college teams making a push for the tournament on the hardwood, this is the perfect time to get in on the action. You can claim one and be done or go crazy and claim all eight if you’d like.

1. FanDuel North Carolina: Bet $5 Get $250

FanDuel is one of the biggest names in sports betting right now and it’s easy to see why with a wide array of markets, great interface and accessibility across the country.

Currently, FanDuel North Carolina offers a generous bet and get where you can collect $250 in bonus bets when you place an initial cash wager of at least $5. Regardless of how your first wager settles, you’ll earn bonus bets. Win or lose, you’ll collect.

There’s no actual promo code for this offer so you can easily get started by clicking this link and inputting the relevant details to establish your account.

2. bet365 North Carolina

While bet365 has long has an outsized presence on the international betting market, it didn’t begin operations in the states until much more recently. Even though it started late, bet365 has quickly garnered a reputation as one of the best sportsbooks in the US due to the varied available leagues and the dual offer structure.

Speaking of said dual offer structure, bet365 North Carolina is one of the few operators on this list that has two offers available for new players in the Tar Heel State. You can use this link and the bet365 North Carolina bonus code CTNEWS to get to the landing page, where you’ll make your selection: either a $1,000 bet insurance offer or a $200 bet and get.

3. Fanatics Sportsbook North Carolina

The apparel giant turned sportsbook is live in North Carolina with a dual offer structure as well.

The first promotion is a hybrid between a bet and get and deposit match, with a potential $1,000 windfall. You’ll get a daily bonus bet allotment that reflects the cash stake you initially put down, so if put down $100 in cash, you’ll get $100 in bonus bets at the end of the day. If you put down $80, you’ll get $80. You’ll need to opt-in each day for this offer and it runs for 10 days so you max out at $1,000 ($100 a day for 10 days).

The other offer is more straightforward. Place a cash bet of at least $20 and get $200 in bonus bets whether you win or lose.

There’s no actual promo code required for either offer so you can click this link to get started with the first promotion and this link to get started with the second.

4. BetMGM North Carolina

BetMGM is a well-established name in sports betting so it’s no surprise that they’re in on the ground floor in North Carolina.

Currently, you can get $150 in bonus bets with any cash wager of at least $5. It’s a straightforward offer and a good option for players just dipping their toes into sports betting as you’ll get some bonus bets no matter how your wager settles.

Use this link and the BetMGM North Carolina bonus code TRIBUNENC to get started at one of the most dependable names in sports betting.

5. Caesars Sportsbook NC

Caesars Sportsbook is another veteran to American sports betting. Even if you’ve never wagered with the sportsbook, you know the name.

In North Carolina you can use the Caesars Sportsbook promo code CTNEWSNC in conjunction with this link to get $250 in bonus bets with any cash wager of at least $10.

Unlike the nationwide promotion, you’ll get five $50 bonus bets that can be used for any wager on the platform. Additionally, Caesars NC is unique in that the bonus bets from this offer will remain valid for 14 days from the point of distribution, which means they’ll be valid for part of March Madness if you sign up now.


The worldwide leader in sports has slid head first into sports betting with the new sportsbook ESPN BET. As you might expect for a brand with this much backing capital, they already have their foot in the door in North Carolina.

You can now use the ESPN BET North Carolina promo code CTNEWSNC and this link to unlock two unique promotions: either a $225 bet and get or a 200 percent deposit match.

You read that right, there’s a 200 percent deposit match with a $500 cap, so if you put down $250 in cash you’ll reach the max value. Otherwise, you can claim the bet and get and $225 in bonus bets with any cash wager, of any size.

7. Underdog Sports North Carolina

Underdog is unique to this list as it initially made a name for itself as DFS operator but launched the sportsbook, under the name Underdog Sports, in North Carolina on March 11.

For the inaugural sportsbook launch, Underdog Sports is offering a $1,000 first-bet mulligan promotion. So you’ll get your full stake back in bonus bets only if you lose.

8. DraftKings NC

DraftKings is another DFS operator turned sports betting operator in North Carolina. If you’ve signed up for the DFS side before you’ll still be able to wager on the sportsbook, but if you’ve already signed up with the sportsbook even in other states, you ineligible.

Currently, new customers in North Carolina can get $250 in bonus bets with a cash wager of at least $5. As noted with similarly structured offers, this is an excellent entry point into sports betting as it has a low wager threshold and you’ll get some bonus bets regardless of how your cash wager settles.

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