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Review: Scott Silven’s ‘Journey’ via Chicago Shakes creates the illusion we’re all connected — believe that one if you want

By January 14, 2021 Entertainment News

This digital show, broadcast live at curtain time from Silven’s childhood home near Glasgow, and presented to ticket-buyers in Chicago by Chicago Shakespeare Theater, is filled with craggy landscapes and tales of mythology, lost innocence and childhood memory. And Silven’s silky, seductive narrative pounds this theme of connection. His aim, he tells us with a flick of his wavy coif, is to connect all of these diverse audience members sitting in their homes all over the world. He says he wants to show us that all of our sense memories, all of the stories we tell ourselves, have a mythological origin both shared and profound. We all are one, he purrs, just as long as we are willing to submit to the journey.

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