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Review: ‘Romantics Anonymous,’ streamed live from U.K., is sweetly predictable — best for those who miss musicals

By September 25, 2020 Entertainment News

“Romantics Anonymous” is based on a 2010 French-Belgian movie called “Les Émotifs Anonymes” and features music by Michael Kooman, lyrics by Christopher Dimond and a book by Rice herself, as adapted from the screenplay by Jean-Pierre Améris and Philippe Blasband. It is what people used to call a whimsical musical, at least before that term became so freighted. And, as such, it is very much in the style of such prior tuners as “She Loves Me” (also based on a film) “Amelie” (you get the idea) and “Once” (yup), wherein two appealingly vulnerable central characters (charmingly played by Carly Bawden and Marc Antolin, part of an NBA-like bubble) overcome a variety of obstacles to their union, most of which lie within their timid selves. “Romantics Anonymous” speaks the modern, you-got-this language of self-actualization and determination but it is very much of its genre and, therefore, predictable in its trajectory.

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