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‘Jeopardy!’ winners with Chicago ties recall their favorite Alex Trebek moment

By November 9, 2020 Entertainment News

Colby Burnett, the first “Jeopardy” contestant to win a Teachers Tournament (2012) and a Tournament of Champions (2013). His team placed third in last year’s All-Star Games: “I had answered a question about cheese. Alex casually remarked, ‘There’s a Colby cheese!’ Having been ridiculed for this coincidence throughout my childhood, I threw up finger guns, pointing at him sarcastically stating ‘never heard that before, Alex!’ A withering glance from him ended that moment. Later, during commercial breaks, Alex and other members of the production team would address the studio audience and answer questions. Someone asked one about contestant etiquette. He softly stated three directives, the third glancing over his shoulder, looking directly at me: ‘And you are not to accost the host.’”

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