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Boeing under scrutiny after Ethiopian crash – CNN

By March 14, 2019Entertainment News

An American Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 is towed to its gate at the Miami International Airport on Wednesday.

Boeing’s 737 Max series, now steeped in controversy and grounded around the world, is the fastest-selling model in the history of the firm. The company has delivered 376 Max planes to airlines — but a further 4,636 from around the world are unfulfilled, according to Boeing’s latest reports.

What happens to those orders is a crucial question, and one that is undoubtedly being discussed by carriers already. While some airlines will have the luxury of time before making a decision on their orders, others are expecting new planes — which they are currently unable to fly — to be delivered in the coming weeks and months.

American Airlines has 76 Max planes still to be delivered, United is expecting 123, and Southwest — which already flew more Max jets than any other carrier — is awaiting 249 more. In addition, several US companies that buy planes and lease them out to carriers have placed orders for more than 100 planes.

Ethiopian Airlines, which suffered Sunday’s crash, still has 25 Max planes on order. Lion Air, whose Max jet went down in October, has 187 on order.

In Europe, budget carrier Ryanair is awaiting all 135 of its Max orders. TUI Airways — one of the UK’s largest air carriers — saw its fleet of 14 Max planes grounded this week, but it must make a decision on its 58 orders.

A full list of Boeing’s deliveries and orders for its Max planes can be found here.

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