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Before Marlon Brando and James Dean, there was Buster Keaton: A look at the silent film star ahead of Music Box retrospective

By April 13, 2020 Entertainment News

Other than screenings, what else does the convention entail? “There are talks, in plain language,” Tobias said. “We’re not a fussy academic group, we call it scholarship without pretension, but with lots of original research. We’ve had performances of Keaton-related songs, one-man shows, magic acts. Every year we show Keaton films in 35mm in the restored Frauenthal theater with live music by the Music Box’s own theater organist Dennis Scott. We’ve had quizzes, we do a walking tour of the Actor’s Colony, we’ve played baseball on Buster’s childhood baseball field, which is in danger of being destroyed, alas. Plus lots of late night conversations and sharing of information.”

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